Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter

‘Blue Remembered Hills’. Click on the image to enlarge.

Harrogate Studio Theatre, 4th-8th December 2018

Full of humour and emotion, this deceptively simple tale relates the activities of a group of 7 year olds – played by adults – one summer afternoon during WWI. As they run and play their games, a pecking order is established and the ensuing bullying leads to tragic and emotional consequences.

Ariel Dorfman’s explosively provocative, award-winning play, written in the wake of the Pinochet regime in Chile, will resonate with modern audiences as a stark reminder of the human rights violations we continue to witness in the world today.

Death & the Maiden’ is coming to Harrogate Studio Theatre from Tuesday 4th December to Saturday 8th December 2018. To purchase tickets, please click here or call the Harrogate Theatre Box Office on 01423 502116.

Directed by Judi Kenley