January 1997 – They Don’t Grow On Trees

Play Name
They Don't Grow On Trees
Ronald Miller
Performance Start Date
January 1997
Performance End Date
January 1997
Harrogate Studio Theatre
Christopher Cowling
  • Ruth Lennox - Judy Methven
  • Jessie MacFarlane - Sheila McIntosh
  • Roger Lennox - Mike Allen
  • Milcuzki - Gren Roberts
  • Mrs Dawkins - Joan Pervial
  • Brigid O'Cooney - Kylie-Jen Thud
  • Rupert Anstruther - Colin C. Wrighsthorpe
  • Mrs Van Boven - Shirley Grimshaw
  • Dellarosa Parvici - Judith Kenley
  • Miss Minter - Melissa Hotchin
  • Dick - Jacky Darr
  • Charlie - Dale Nicely
  • Mary Thornton - Moo Roff
  • Stephans - Neil De Lacy
  • Ellis - Ian Rattee
  • WPC Bulloch - Anna Chambers
  • Mrs Campbell-Scully - Thelma Chossini
  • Mrs Zuckmeyer - Mary Girlishwesh
  • Mr Zuckmeyer - Len Dicelay

Harrogate Advertiser review: "From little acorns do oak trees grow The plot may be feather-light but an experienced team manage to transform Ronald Miller's domestic farce into a substantial entertainment and make it look so easy! By all accounts, rehearsals have reduced the cast to helpless laughter but after seeing this play I rather think that director Chirs Cowling went round cracking the whip! This type of material needs bucket loads of hard work to make it work and this team pulled it off with aplomb. Judy Methven and Mike Allen as the helpless Ruth and Roger Lennox hold the fort in London while a trail of unsuitable candidates arrives to fill a gap in their lives. While it was hard to sympathise with a pair who had trouble making toast unaided, both performances set the right tone for the series of outrages to come. A glance at the programme and followers of HDS could be fooled into thinking the production features several new members. A series of quick changes and different accents show several players to be masters of disguise. Sheila McIntosh initially plays the Scottish treasure reluctant to leave her post as housekeeper. However, she scores a triumph as the mad Miss Minter - I was almost sorry to see her led away by the men in white coats. Sheila also takes a bow as Roger's scheming first wife and all three roles are extremely well judged. Judith Kenley has a great time with her two characters. The Irish Brigid O'Cooney is no better for the Lennox household than the Italian bella with mafia connections but both get the laughs they deserve. So too does comedy stalwart Joan Percival. Her appearance as grubby Mrs Dawkins is, as expected, a gem. Shirley Grimshaw's two roles are also hits. The daunting Mrs Van Boven makes way for the saving grace of Mrs Zuckmeyer in fine comic style. Moo Roff provides the surprise of the evening, but to say more would be to spoil the impact - suffice to say it will be memorable. Chris Cowling's debut as director is a charmingly cheeky success! He can also take full credit for bringing the considerable talents of Colin C. Wrightsthorpe to our attention..."