June 2009 – Copenhagen

Play Name
Michael Frayn
Performance Start Date
Wednesday 24 June 2009
Performance End Date
Saturday 27 June 2009
Harrogate Studio Theatre
Richard Naylor
  • Bohr ................. Ian Rattee
  • Heisenberg ........ Stuart Newsome
  • Margarethe ........ Sue Bravender

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the Nazis had developed the atomic bomb first? Well, Harrogate Dramatic Society is about to reveal just how close they might have come with their production of Michael Frayn's moving and thought provoking play. In 1941 Werner Heisenberg, one of the leading German atomic scientists of the day, made a mysterious visit to Niels Bohr, the head of the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen. Frayn's play examines the reasons behind the visit and how it could have changed the world as we know it. Why did Heisenberg risk both his career and his life to visit his old friend in, what was then, an occupied country? And could what they discussed have resulted in the Nazis getting the bomb before the Allies? The play presents several intriguing possibiliities. Which is the right one?