June 2018 – Death and the Maiden

Play Name
Death and the Maiden
Ariel Dorfman
Performance Start Date
Tuesday, 26 June, 2018
Performance End Date
Saturday, 30 June, 2018
Harrogate Studio Theatre
Rachel Conyers
  • Paulina - Clare Evans-Argent
  • Gerado - James Willstrop
  • Roberto - Stuart Newsome

Dorfman was cultural adviser to the democratically elected Chilean government when, in a973, a military coup, led by General Pinochet, bombed and burned the presidential palace in Santiago. And so began 17 years of brutal dictatorship. Political opponents of Pinochet began to disappear. Citizens were often tortured abused, raped and sometimes killed. Dorfman was forced into exile and lived in Paris, Amsterdam and Washington DC. This play reflects those brutal times and tells how a woman who was raped and abused by the regime comes to terms with her terrible experience and achieves catharsis.