March 2011 – Suddenly Last Summer

Play Name
Suddenly Last Summer
Tennessee Williams
Performance Start Date
2nd March 2011
Performance End Date
5th March 2011
Harrogate Studio Theatre
Ian Rattee
  • Mrs Venables........ Jenny Antram
  • Dr. Cukrowicz ...... Michael Garside
  • Miss Foxhill.......... Frances Sellars
  • Mrs Holly ........... Sheila McIntosh
  • George Holly ...... Matthew Johnson
  • Catherine Holly..... Natasha Ashley
  • Sister Felicity ..... Jenny Humphreys

The powerful and chilling story of a young woman who has witnessed the mysterious and sordid murder of her cousin one summer in Spain... The young man’s mother goes to extraordinary lengths to deny the truth of her son’s death, attempting to coerce a brilliant surgeon into performing brain surgery on the girl to erase the memory of the event. Set in New Orleans in a lush conservatory, the beauty of the surroundings is deceptive. The plant life is of the carnivorous variety and the sounds more reminiscent of a jungle than a harmonious sanctuary.