May 2004 – Hobson’s Choice

Play Name
Hobson's Choice
Harold Brighouse
Performance Start Date
Wednesday 12 May 2004
Performance End Date
Saturday 15 May 2004
Harrogate Theatre
Paul Dunstan
  • Alice Hobson
  • Maggie Hobson ............. Rachel Conyers
  • Vickey Hobson
  • Albert Prosser
  • Henry Horatio Hobson ...... Ian Rattee
  • Mrs Hepworth .............. Judy Methven
  • Tubby Wadlow
  • William Mossop ............ Michael Garside
  • Jim Heeler
  • Ada Figgins
  • Fred Beenstock
  • Dr MacFarlane ............. Alan Harwood

This classic and enduring comedy unfolds in a Lancashire bootmaker's shop ruled by a dictatorial, tight-fisted father and pillar of the community, Henry Horatio Hobson. If there's one thing Henry can't stand, it's the "bumptiousness" and "Uppishness" of his three daughters with their fancy modern ways, strutting their stuff wearing bustles in the street and dragging the good name of Hobson through the gutter. He wants the two younger girls out of his way and married off to suitable husbands of his choosing. He believes his elder daughter, Maggie, is far too long in the tooth to find a husband. Wrong. Maggie is a strong minded chip of the old block with other ideas. First she engineers a partnership - in marriage and in business - with the shops simple-minded but skilled bootmaker, Willie Mossop. Then, using feminine guile and not a little trickery, she sets about plotting Henry's downfall and succeeds in extracting marriage settlements from him, as well as leaving him little choice but to accept a submissive new order to his life and status.