May 2012 – Wind in the Willows

Play Name
Wind in the Willows
Kenneth Grahame
Performance Start Date
Wednesday, 2 May, 2012
Performance End Date
Saturday, 5 May, 2012
Harrogate Theatre
Rachel Conyers, Robin Green
  • Mole - Darren Smith, Rat Stuart Newsome, Toad Michael Garside, Badger John Glyn Jones, Albert Stuart Kellett, Rabbit Robert Richard Naylor, Rabbit Ronald Ian Hagues, Rabbit Rose Charlotte Mason Young Rabbits Lily McNeill Emma Belwood Squirrel Shirley Jenny humphreys Squirrel Sam Mo Kennedy Squirrel Raymond Dylan Verity Young Squirrels Hayley Cockcroft Katherine Murray Hedgehog Henrietta Lesley Wheal Heldgehog Harry/Harold Anna Thrussel Young hedgehogs Dan Carey Alicia Morgan Fieldmice Reuben Aston Jemima Brett Jasmine Madeley Sebastian Smallwood Daisy Wallace The Wild Wood Chief Weasel Judi Kenley Weasel Norman Kate Antram Weasel Winifred Frances Sellars Ferret/Stoat Gerald Alex Johnson Sergeant Fred Ferret Joash Parker Stoat Iris Portia Crewe Stoat Stuart Josh Belward Stoat Cyril Emily Meikel The wide World Magistrate Sue Bravender Clerk of the Court Gavin Smith Policeman Ken Swires John Wilford Gaoler's Daughter Lucy Evans Washerwoman Pauline Chick Train Driver Chris Rawson Ticket Clerk Adrian Smith Bargewoman Alissa Reilly

Down by the riverside, something stirs. Mole’s fed up with Spring cleaning and comes up for a breath of fresh air… The next you know, he’s got a new friend, and it’s a friend with a boat. This is Ratty who says very wise things like: “There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”. And in they get and off they row and their Great Adventure begins. They meet the incorrigible, boastful, loud and pompous Toad with his passing whims. First it’s his caravan, then it’s a motor car (poop ! poop !), then it’s his barge, not to mention all the scrapes he gets himself into. Then there’s dear old Badger trying to bring some sanity into the proceedings. Mix in a few rather sinister Wild Wooders and a handful of rather strange human beings and you have the classic story re-told with inimitable humour by Yorkshire’s own Alan Bennett. Lots of singing, lots of dancing and lots of fun. A colourful spectacular for the child in each of us. The Wind in the Willows is one you’d be sorry to miss. However old you are.