October 2017 – The Ghost Train

Play Name
The Ghost Train
Arnold Ridley
Performance Start Date
Thursday, 26 October, 2017
Performance End Date
Saturday, 28 October, 2017
Harrogate Theatre
Sue Rawson
  • Chris Cowling...Saul
  • Richard Naylor...Richard Winthrop
  • Sally Bendtson...Elsie Winthrop
  • Jackson Hobson...Charles Murdoch
  • Livy Potter...Peggy Murdoch
  • Judith Simpson...Miss Bourne
  • Stuart Hutchinson...Teddie Deakin
  • Catherine Bonello...Julia Price
  • Stuart Kellett...Herbert Price
  • John Glyn Jones...Sterling
  • Ollie Jensen...Jackson

The year is about 1930. A young man accidentally strands six passengers at a small Cornish railway station. Despite the stationmaster’s stories of a ghost train appearing during the night, they all decide to stay in the waiting room until the first train arrives on the following day. Soon they very much come to regret this decision!