Forthcoming Events

Improbable Fiction by Alan Ayckbourn.

Our Main house production in October.

Want to be involved? Here is some useful information.

It’s a two act play with 7 parts, 4 F, ages 18 – 60 ish. The first act is classic Ayckbourn, the second a fast and furious farce with multiple exits, entrances and costume changes. It’s a true ensemble piece with everyone playing at least 3 parts. We will try and get a reading in before the dust settles on all the current activity, with a further reading and auditions in July. So please come along to a reading and see if there’s a part for you, if nothing else it will be entertaining. If you don’t fancy an acting part at moment, it’s a technically  difficult play to pull off, so we are going to need some expert help backstage. Here are the dates:

Readings – Tues 14th June & Thurs 7th July. 7.30 at Regents Parade

Auditions – Tues 12th & Thurs 14th July. 7.30 at Regents Parade

Rehearsals start mid August. Play opens 20th October