Celebration by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall

Harrogate Theatre, 24th–26th May 2018

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A comedy in two parts – The Wedding and The Funeral – both concerning the same family. In the first episode, we see the family preparing for a wedding and subsequently, six months later, returning from the funeral of their Uncle Arthur, the loveable character who provides the link for the two plays.


Rhoda Lucas – Pauline Chick

Edgar Lucas – Derek Newton

Jack Lucas – Jim Lawrence

Christine Lucas – Hayley Firth

Irene Howes – Lucy Evans

Lilian Howes – Alissa Reilly

Stan Dyson – Chris Mooney

Frank Broadbent – John Glyn Jones

Arthur Broadbent – John Colston

Bernard Fuller – Mark Nicholls

Edna Fuller – Gill McVey

Alice Fuller – Linda Baxter

Lionel Fuller – Richard Naylor

Margo Fuller – Dawn Sellars

May Beckett – Judi Kenley

Tommy Lodge – Chris Rawson

Directed by Stuart Kellett