The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare

Harrogate Studio Theatre, 27th-31st January 2015


The play is set in the town of Windsor and the local worthies are eagerly anticipating a visit by the aristocratic Sir John Falstaff, whose friendship with the King and exploits on the battlefield are well-known. However with his band of disreputable followers and his lesser-known taste for drink and women, not to mention his somewhat penurious state, there is trouble in store for this respectable community. Havoc and acrimony follow in his wake wherever he goes, as Shakespeare skilfully reveals in this deliciously wicked comedy!


Mr George Page [a prosperous local farmer] – Derek Newton

Sir John Falstaff [a military Knight of the Realm] – Clive Lyons

Pistol [his disreputable henchman] – Neil Tattersall

Nym [another disreputable henchman] – James Reilly

Bardolph [an ancient disreputable henchman] – Jamie Searle

Justice Shallow [the local magistrate] – Stuart Kellett

The Reverend Hugh Evans [the local Welsh Vicar] – John Colston

Abraham Slender [Shallow’s nephew] – Ashley Haigh

Anne Page [Page’s daughter] – Hayley Firth

Mrs Alice Ford [Frank Ford’s wife] – Natasha Price

Mrs Margaret Page [George Page’s wife] – Sue Rawson

Peter Simple [a wandering Troubadour & servant to Slender] – Jo Wesling

The Host of the Garter [the landlord of the Garter Inn] – John Wilford

Robin [Falstaff’s page] – Greg Clement

Mrs Quickly [Dr Caius’s housekeeper] – Marguerite Moss

Doctor Caius [a French physician and local GP] – Paul Dunstan

Jack Rugby [Caius’s servant] – Gavin Smith

Fenton [Anne Page’s suitor] – Tom Doyle

Mr Frank Ford [a local businessman] – Chris Rawson

John [Ford’s servant] – Neil Tattersall

Robert [Ford’s servant] – James Reilly

Directed by John Colston