A Necessary Woman & How The Vote Was Won

Harrogate Studio Theatre, 23rd-27th October 2018

An evening of two one-act plays exploring the suffrage movement in Britain, directed by Sue Rawson.


A Necessary Woman

Produced by special arrangement with Deborah Clair and Philippa Urquhart.

It is Sunday 2nd April 1911 – the night of the Census.  

Emily Davison, a Suffragette, is hiding in a cupboard in the crypt of the Palace of Westminster. Security is tight. There is a heavy police presence, but she is planning a daring act on Monday morning. Will she achieve her ambition or will Mary, a cleaner, give away her hiding place?

This brand new play is based on a true event and was written by Deborah Clair and Philippa Urquhart to celebrate the 2018
suffrage centenary.


Emily Wilding Davison – Shona Lan

Mary Tatton – Jenny Antram


How The Vote Was Won

by Cicely Hamilton and Christopher St John
Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD

In the days before radio, one effective way to get a message out and to have it discussed was to produce short plays that could be performed around the country, and so suffrage plays were born!  

The Government has said that women do not need the vote, as they are all looked after by men!  Horace Cole does not believe in Women’s suffrage……but who knows how a man’s mind may be changed!

This suffragette comedy was first performed on 13th April 1909 at the Royalty Theatre in London.


Winifred – Carole Carpenter

Ethel Cole – Emma Towning

Lily (the maid) – Natasha Davidson

Horace Cole – Bob Mallow

Gerald Williams – Richard Naylor

Agatha Cole (Horace’s sister) – Alissa Rielly

Molly (Horace’s niece) – Natasha Davidson

Madame Christine (Horace’s distant relation) – Lesley Wheal

Maudie Spark (Horace’s first cousin) – Carole Carpenter

Miss Elizabeth Wilkins (Horace’s Aunt) – Anna Hammond