Othello by William Shakespeare

Harrogate Studio Theatre, 27th June – 1st July 2017

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Othello, the Moorish General, has everything, a beautiful young wife, command of the Venetian army, and the acclamation of the Senate and people of Venice as a great hero. But he falls prey to the malicious scheming of his devious and thwarted NCO Iago, who infects his chief with the ‘green-eyed monster’ of jealousy, with tragic consequences for all. This great play, full of racial and sexual tension, ranks as one of the greatest of Shakespeare’s tragedies.


Othello, The Moor – Faz Singhateh

Iago, Othello’s flagbearer – Chris Rawson

Desdemoa, daughter of Brabantio & wife to Othello – Hannah Margerison

Emilia, wife to Iago – Clare Evans-Argent

Cassio, an honourable lieutenant – Naail Ishaq

Brabantio, (a Senator) father to Desdemona – John Colston

Roderigo, a gulled gentleman – Dane Wright

The Duke of Venice – Frank Moorby

Montano, Governor of Cyprus – Bob Mallow

Lodovico – Gavin Smith

Gratiano, kinsmen of Brabantio – James Reilly


Director – John Colston

Assistant Director – Fiona Wright

Stage Manager & Properties – Cynthia Jones

Technical Director – Richard Naylor